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Q PEER - Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility report is not as much about horses as it is about ......  Jim Baca was a BLM Director like no other. Baca was a plain-spoken, some wouldsayblunt, man. 15 re.

Animals' Angels USA Exposes the Truth of Horse Slaughter ...’-angels-usa-exposes-truth-horse-slaught...EU regulations do not apply in non-EU countries and the animal welfare ... Slaughter horsesface transport times of 36 hours or more, without access to food or ...

The Wild Horse Conspiracy Wild Horse Conspiracy provides information about the eradication of wild horses from public lands in the United States.

The BLM was created in 1946, when the Department of the Interior merged two older agencies: the General Land Office, created in 1800 to sell off the public lands and encourage settlement; and the Grazing Service, created in 1934 to manage grazing on public lands.
  1. History of the BLM