Save the Wild Horses


Hello, this is Palomino Sue . I have been an animal activist and a voice for animals that cannot defend themselves.

I first became aware of the plight of our Wild Horses when years back I was going to Pyramid Lake 

I noticed a massive area confining hundreds of horses .  I found out that these were wild horses that had been removed from the public lands and confined in BLM holding pens.  I realized these beautiful majestic horses had their freedom taken away . I knew then I had to get involved and be an voice for them.

It is through education and understanding their plight for survival that we as human beings can make a difference fighting to keep them free and from extinction .

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 This is Sundance my Palomino.  I have learned so much from him.  He was a rescue and a gift to me.  So many horses need our help.

There are many rescues out there that have taken on wild horses and need your help in supporting their needs.

Please check out these links of local rescues here in Nevada that would appreciate your support!

~Palomino Sue 

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